Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sunday Morning is Good Enough for Me!

At 4 A.M., Tom woke up and turned off the alarm. Rolling out of bed he thought to himself, “I have a big day ahead of me.” His day started off with a healthy, high protein breakfast. Finding himself at the gym no later than 5, he began his rigorous workout.  Around 8 O’clock he went to work. It was a long, tiring, and seemingly unrewarding day, but when closing time came around at the factory, he had not stopped to rest. Instead, he went straight to the gym to work with the punching bags and take in a few practice matches. This was Tom’s daily routine. Finally, a buddy seeing what he went through asked him, “Why do you do it, man?” Tom simply replied, “I want to be the best boxer I can be.”

Dr. Williams wakes up even earlier. By 5 O’clock she’s in the office signing papers. She looks over the lengthy names of patients to be seen that day. Stopping for only a second, she takes in a big calming breath, and heads off to see each one. Hours fly by and she now realizes she has already worked 3 hours past her scheduled time. Stopping in her office to sign a few last minute documents, she finally heads home.  She walks in and only takes a moment’s break to freshen up and say hello to the family over a cold meal. Walking into her home office she takes a look at all the open books on her desk, realizing she only has a week to prepare for that state-required exam. She sits down and, through the high emotions from a long week reminds herself, “I’m doing this all to be the best I can be!”

The Johnsons wake up to a usual Sunday morning. James and his wife are debating over whether they are going to take the family to church this morning. After much debate and already late for Bible class, they decide to hop in the car and head over that way. Church is good and it’s always nice to see some friends. They start to head home and get ready for a day of relaxation and enjoyment. James thinks to himself, “It’s been a long week…worked over time on top of it all! I really need to get some work done on the car, and that will mean I’ll be tired by the time evening service starts. Our family deserves a break!” So James, his wife and their kids head home to face another week. Sunday morning rolls back around and the same debate takes place. Some weeks they make it to services, some weeks they don’t. All the while James faces the everyday trials at work, he sees the temptations his kids go through (and many times give into), and he looks at the frustrations his wife deals with on a daily basis. All the while he knows he needs to be the spiritual provider, he knows their family needs to be the best Christian family they can be, he knows they need God’s word in their life, and he knows they all need the encouragement of the saints. But James, after a long frustrating week says to himself, “Sunday morning is good enough for me!”

          We work so hard to fulfill our dreams and goals in life. Those things that are important to us as humans become the number one priority. As a Christian, shouldn’t we, like a boxer or doctor, take every opportunity to achieve our goal…our priority? After all, our goal is greater than achieving fame as a boxer or a name as a doctor. We have the ultimate goal of a home in heaven. When we only come to worship Sunday morning, and do nothing else for our faith, will we achieve this goal? I hope you will consider attending worship not only Sunday morning, but each and every opportunity given. After all, what better way to make it through this tough life than with encouragement from each other and God’s word daily in our life!   

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